A Small Town Called Kamil In Morocco

Food and People By Charlie Grosso

"Wok the Dog" is a long term photographic series that examines the commerce of meat, the market place around the world. Since 2004, I have photographed markets in 20 countries and 74 cities. For more international adventures, read my past Food and People posts about Luxor, Casablanca, Fez, and Masaya.

A friend took me out to a small town called Kamil, Morocco just before Eid Al-Adha, Feast of Abraham. It was market day and there were sheep everywhere.

Every family buys a sheep and sacrifices it for God during Eid and sheep is nearly all you see. They put strap the sheep down on top of buses, in the trucks of cars, push it home in wheel barrels or simply throw it over their shoulder and haul it out. Not only were there live sheep everywhere, the butchers were selling lamb and mutton as well. The one chicken vendor was almost a novelty in amidst the frenzy of Eid.

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