Two States Fighting Over The Whoopie Pie

If you've ever had a whoopie pie, then it might not be a surprise that two states are fighting over the treat. Maine is vying for rights to call this oversized oreo their state dessert, while Pennsylvanians are outraged at this "act of confectionary larceny." A whoopie pie is made of two domed chocolate cakes that sandwich a creamy vanilla filling. Pennsylvania residents complain that Maine has wild blueberries and lobsters in their state, therefore they should be able to lay claim to what is touted as an Amish invention.

In Pennsylvania legend, Amish wives would pack these treats in their husband's lunch. After a hard day's work on the farm, they would pull the treat out of their lunch and cry "whoopie!"

No matter the origin, whoopie pies are now an American staple, appearing in bakeries across the nation. For more on the subject, check out the New York Times' article on the battle of the whoopie pies.