Try These Five Delicious Artisan Jams

Photo: AZAdam on flickr

With summer here, a lot of different fruits are in season. In addition to delicious fruits, fruit salads, and fruit pies, fruits jams are also going to be available soon. Even though the first crop of strawberries are a revelation, then maybe the next get baked into a cake, inevitably there are some leftover berries or other fruits that need to be stored. Whether it's freezing fruit before it goes bad or making preserves, it's important not to throw out leftover fruit!  Of course, you don't need to make your own jam to enjoy summer's flavorful bounty-new artisan jam-makers are changing the flavor profiles of the generic jams you grew up with, resulting in creative palate pleasers like Strawberry with Pink Peppercorn and Mint. For breakfast, an afternoon snack, or swirled into yogurt for a light dessert, artisan jams make for a fresh, traditionally made, and exciting taste experience. Check out these great five artisan producers for something new on your PB&J!

Blue Chair Fruit - Located in Oakland, CA, Blue Chair Fruit has been offering a variety of artisan jams and marmalades since its inception in 2008. With selections like Apple-Meyer Lemon Marmalade, Adriatic Fig & Candied Ginger Jam, and Blood Orange-Chestnut Honey Marmalade with Rosemary, Blue Chair has enough exotic flavors to keep you interested for a while. The company also sells a home jam-making cookbook, various accessories, and offers classes on jam making.

Ellelle Kitchen - Ellelle Kitchen was founded by a journalist-turned-chef name Lennie LaGuire who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and wanted to bring traditional methods back to America to create new and exciting flavors for her handcrafted jams. Flavors like Strawberry with Pink Peppercorn and Mint, and Backyard Grapefruit with Campari are available at various markets and farmers' markets near the Ellelle Kitchen in Pasadena, CA, but can also be bought online and shipped around the country.

June Taylor Jams - Hailing from Berkeley, CA, June Taylor and her company work with small family farms to find "heirloom and forgotten fruits," in order to revive and keep alive these flavors for their marmalades, conserves, and fruit butters. By doing this, June Taylor is able to offer flavors built around less common fruits. Bergamot Marmalade, Diamond Princess Peach Converse, and Gravenstein Apple Fruit Butter are among the offerings that can be shipped around the country. June Taylor also sells a selection of other specialties like candied citrus peels, tomato ketchup, fruit paste, and vegetarian mincemeat.

Bonnie's Jams - Gathering the freshest and most fragrant fruits from around New England, Bonnie Shershow hand makes all her jams, preserves and marmalades in Cambridge, MA without any pectin and with about half the sugar of commercial jams. Besides offering classes in her kitchen in Cambridge, Bonnie can ship her jams all around the country. And with simple flavors like Raspberry Lime Rickey, Peach Ginger, and Red Pepper Jelly, it would be difficult not to place an order!

Jam According to Daniel - Based out of Charlottesville, VA and working exclusively with local fruit in season to ensure the highest quality and best flavor, Daniel is able to fit one pound of local fruit into every jar of jam. By adding less sugar, foregoing pectin, and cooking the fruits down to their purest flavor while removing most of the water content, Daniel produces flavors like Strawberry, Lime and Caraway, White Peach and Hibiscus, and Lemon Italian Plum. Jam According to Daniel is available in the Charlottesville Farmers Market on Saturdays from April to December or through online purchase.

Photo: AZAdam