Try The New Mexico Traditional Chile Sauce

If you're travelling to New Mexico, make sure to eat some of their traditional chile.  That's not spelled wrong, and it's not a bowlful of chili topped with sour cream and cheddar.  New Mexican chile is a sauce that tops decadent Huevos Rancheros, burgers, and is "the defining ingredient of New Mexican cuisine." Unfortunately, a crisis faces New Mexican chile farmers and suppliers who say "they are being priced out by cheaper foreign peppers and betrayed by impostors."

A new bill might help maintain and restore success to legitimate New Mexico chile growers and makers, making it "illegal to sell or advertise any product as New Mesico chile unless its peppers are grown in the state."

Seem trivial?  It's not for New Mexican businesses, which gain 400 million annually from local chile products.  If the bill passes, some are concerned about the difficulty of enforcement.

Ideally this state will benefit from the production of it's most important culinary condiment.

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