Treme and Food

Picking up steam as one of the hotly anticipated and popular television shows of summer, HBO's "Treme" provides different, but equally affecting slice-of-life, stories from a post-Katrina New Orleans. Now, as the shows second season is off to a great start, local chef Janette Desautel, played by Kim Dickens, packs up her knives and makes her mark on the New York culinary scene. Kathryn Shattuck, writer for The New York Times, got a behind-the-scenes look at the different New York kitchens recreated on the "Treme" set in New Orleans and the real-life stories that provided the inspiration for Janette's culinary ventures. Interviews with top chefs Anthony Bourdain, Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert and David Chang, the latter three having made cameo appearances in season one, reveal much more than their contribution to the kitchen sets' accuracy. It was fun and interesting to read their different anecdotes of eccentric head chefs, brutal reviews and dream kitchen discoveries as many of these are rights of passage for many upstart and established chefs. The show shines a light on the gritty, yet exciting lifestyles of these chefs, not just the delicious and beautiful foods they create, as these experiences are shared throughout the culinary world.

Now that Treme's Janette is experiencing this authentic new world of New York cuisine as well, many more will appreciate the hard work required in order to run a restaurant and to get food from ingredient to meal. Perhaps some will even be inspired themselves to strikeout on their own and try their hands at cooking professionally, the valuable knowledge and experiences of these real-life star chefs in their back pockets to guide them forward.

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