Top 5 Political Food Documentaries

Sure, food is something we all need to live and even has the potential to be delicious, to excite our palate, to make us want more. But where does it all come from, who is making it, and how? Many documentary makers have gone out into the big (and small!) world of food production to see for themselves, with some discoveries being more politically charged than others. Check out these Top 5 Food Documentaries and see for yourself! 1. Food, Inc (2008)

In a bold move, this film accuses the big businesses food industry of rampant irresponsibility, leading to us eating food that is more than not good for us, but actually harmful. This film exposes the damage to everyone -- consumers, farmers, children, adults -- even to the government officials who seem to be in the pocket of the giants of the food industry.

2. Super Size Me (2004)

This controversial film may or may not be why McDonald's pulled their Super Size meals: McDonald's claims not, but anyone who sees writer and director Morgan Spurlock eat only McDonald's Super Size meals might guess otherwise. Watch Spurlock challenge McDonald's on their responsibility to consumers' health.

3. Fresh (2009)

Why do we eat processed foods that cause nutritional deficiencies, obesity, and diabetes when we can eat fresh and ethically produced foods? These filmmakers compare the horrors of the processed foods industry with the potential delights that efforts such as free range farms and community gardens offer.

4. The Garden (2008)

A 13-acre farm in South Central Los Angeles pushes what a community garden can mean and do for inner-city residents as it buts heads with a powerful land developer and even the City Council of LA. You'll be on the edge of your seat to find out who is really behind trying to shut the garden out and who the victor will be.

5. King Corn (2007)

Corn: on the cob, popped... a health-threatening syrup? Two best friends grow an acre of corn and track every seed of it to its destination, as high-fructose corn syrup, a major ingredient in most processed foods. The filmmakers investigate corn's role in foods and as the potential cause behind the American obesity epidemic.