Top 5 Most Exciting Spring Vegetables

Spring is almost here which means we're jonesing for the plentiful fruits and vegetables that will begin to fill the farmers' market stalls. After winter dinners of butternut squash, roasted vegetables, and whole grains, it's time to get green and bring some color to the plate. Many of these ingredients are so fresh and tasty that all you need is a little salt and pepper to enhance their flavors. Here are our top 5 most exciting spring vegetables to look for at the farmer's market: 1. Artichokes - Actually a thistle, the Globe Artichoke starts to arrive at farmers' markets in the spring. Delicious steamed with a simple butter sauce, artichokes are also a versatile ingredient for topping with pizza, or even baking into a pie. 2. Asparagus - A member of the lily family, asparagus is delicious roasted and tossed with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Let them caramelize in the oven and then eat with your fingers for a delicious treat. 3. Radishes - Enjoy the candy of springtime sliced and layered on a buttered slice of whole grain bread. Top with high-quality olive oil and sea salt for a light afternoon snack. 4. Peas - Like many other spring ingredients, peas are delightful seasoned with only butter and salt. Steam or boil peas, then toss with butter, salt, pepper, and add some freshly chopped spearmint leaves for added punch. 5. Fava Beans - These beans, known as "broad beans" in the UK, are nutty in taste, and have a soft, buttery texture that are traditionally paired with lamb, another spring arrival.