Top 5 Mardi Gras Party Dishes

As Mardi Gras approaches, throw an exciting New Orleans themed party with these top 5 Mardi Gras dishes. You'll have your guests asking for second helpings along with beads.

  1. Oysters Rockefeller: Invented at Antoine's in New Orleans, oysters Rockefeller makes a superb appetizer. Baked on the half-shell with herbs, bread crumbs, and buttery sauce, oyster Rockefeller is a festive party option that proves easy to prepare once you get those bivalves open.
  2. Shrimp Gumbo: To keep the good times rolling, serve your guests a bowl of gumbo. Filled with juicy shrimp, vegetables, and okra, a solid gumbo can take your Mardi Gras party to a new level. Look for file powder, a traditional thickening agent made from sassafras, to add an additional element of authenticity.
  3. Muffuletta: A submarine sandwich packed with Italian meats and cheeses, muffuletta makes a great party food, especially if you're watching a parade. If you're busy on the day of the party, you can go ahead and prepare your muffuletta ahead of time-just think of it as a glorified (and beautiful) sandwich.
  4. Dirty Rice: As a side dish, whip up a batch of dirty rice flavored with chicken livers. Not necessarily super spicy, dirty rice has a nice meaty flavor. For those imbibing on Mardi Gras, it makes a wonderful drinking food, too.
  5. Bananas Foster: For dessert serve bananas Foster, invented in New Orleans at Brennan's Restaurant. Bananas, brown sugar, and ice cream meet flaming rum in this wild, celebratory meal ender.