Top 5 Edible Valentine's Day Gifts

Need to buy a last minute gift for your loved one? Check out our Top 5 Edible Valentine's Day Gifts!

1. Champagne: Champagne is a great gift to share with your significant other, a beverage for true celebration. From Taittinger to Bollinger, the classic champagne options are limitless and limitlessly expensive. For a less ritzy alternative, give a bottle of sparkling wine from outside France. I think red sparklers are especially romantic-look for a bottle of Lambrusco, a dry red wine from Italy.

2. Cheese: For the food lover, give a piece of great cheese. Whether brie or nutty Gruyere, a hunk of cheese has romance written all over it, at least for the lover of fine foods. Murray's Cheese Shop is a good spot to shop in New York.

3. Gelato: While taking a trip to Italy for Valentine's Day seems like a fantasy, you can bring the romance of Italy into your home with some of New York's best gelato. Il Laboratorio del Gelato sells gift packs of their hazelnut, toasted almond, maple walnut, malt, coffee, mint chip, ricotta, and dark chocolate varieties. With so many choices, any of your lover's tastes can be satisfied.

4. Chocolate Éclair: Instead of chocolates, how about a chocolate eclair? La Maison du Chocolat sells a fantastic chocolate eclair-crisp pastry filled with luxurious chocolate cream and frosted with sweet ganache. Packaged in a beautiful box, a simple eclair can send a heartfelt message.

5. Mast Brother's Chocolate Bar: If chocolate itself is inescapable, look for Mast Brothers chocolate bars. The Mast brothers make their chocolate in a Brooklyn factory, adding premium flavorings like black truffle salt. I especially like their Madagascar bar, filled with spectacular red fruit flavors.