Top 5 Artisanal Sodas for Sipping

Now that Spring is in the air, and warm and sunny days are not far, it's nice to have a refreshing beverage.  When you don't feel like an alcoholic beverage with dinner, crack open your favorite soda. For a change of pace, check out these top 5 artisanal sodas fit for sipping, not chugging.

  1. Luscombe: Made in the United Kingdom, Luscombe's sodas are incredibly complex and appropriate for adult palates. Their Hot Ginger Beer is truly spicy, hitting hard with an eye-watering sting. Tart and floral, Luscombe's Elderflower Bubbly pairs well with more delicate fish dishes or in your favorite gin-based cocktail
  2. Reed's Jamaican Ginger Beer: Now a popular mixer in New York restaurants, Reed's Jamaican Ginger Beer is brewed with 25 grams of ginger in every bottle. Sweetened with pineapple juice, Reed's possesses a clean, fruity taste and a sharp ginger bite.
  3. GuS: Standing for "Grown-up Soda," GuS produces very dry sodas specifically tailored to adults. I particularly enjoy their Meyer lemon flavor, citrusy and a little bit sweet.
  4. Fentimans: Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages are not for the faint of heart-they are actually fermented and possess a 0.5% residual alcohol content. As a result, their products exhibit funky flavors that expand the expected spectrum of soda taste. Shandy, a combination of beer and lemonade, is surprisingly refreshing. Avoid the dandelion & burdock variety unless you like medicinal, bitter beverages.
  5. Fitz's: Not exactly artisanal, Fitz's root beer originated at a St. Louis drive-in. Creamy and laced with caramel flavor, Fitz's root beer is a more mainstream soda option for those wary of numbers one through four. If you visit the St. Louis factory, you can watch the root beer being bottled on 1940s machinery.