Top 3 Online Tools for Food Truck Hunters

It is certainly true that technology (not just the iPhone) has changed how we find restaurants, order delivery, and even shop for groceries. But what about street food? Have you ever wondered whether it's possible to keep tabs on your favorite mobile food vendors?

The answer, especially in New York City, is a resounding "YES!" Because mobile eating and mobile phones go perfectly hand-in-hand, it is quite easy to locate your favorite food trucks. After all, wouldn't the food truck want to Tweet its temporary location in case of construction? Whether you are a NYC resident, a commuter from Connecticut, Long Island, or New Jersey, or simply a tourist who wants the best meal and New York experience $5 can buy, here are our recommendations to keep NYC's food trucks under your thumb!

Tweat It (@Tweat_It, and free mobile app here): If you think New York street food is nothing but hot dogs and gyros, and that "unique" vendors are the ones that sell soft pretzels and potato knishes, then think again. This website is dedicated to showcasing New York's most unique street food options. Tweat It works with its clients directly: each food truck tweets its location, and Tweat It posts it on the Tweat It site! Even if you don't own a smartphone, the desktop website is one worth bookmarking. With food trucks' recent tweets on the far left and a place-marked Google Map next to the Twitter sidebar, Tweat It does a great job of making food trucks visible and accessible to everybody in the NYC area.

Food Truck NYC (@foodtruckdaily): This Tumblr blog features news articles on the NYC food truck scene, while the Twitter also re-tweets location notices and other news from the trucks. This is a good resource not only to follow and patronize your favorite food trucks, but also to keep up with current events that concern them.

New York Street Food (@NYSTfood): This is not just another blog with a Twitter and a mobile app. NYSF also leads walking tours that showcase the New York mobile food scene. Tickets for these tours are $40 (advance purchase only) and are limited to ten people per tour. However, the schedule is like clockwork, as they are given once a day, rain or shine, on Fridays in between Memorial Day and Labor Day, starting at 2:15p. NYSF also maintains a Twitter list ("Mobile Munchies") which republishes tweets from NYSF's favorite food trucks. Even though the blog is based in NYC, other North American cities are represented as well. So if you're on vacation at another city, you can check out their street food scenes too!

What's your favorite street food truck?

Photo: Carl MiKoy

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