Top 3 Life Changing Recipes

Since the New Year, I've been sharing various articles about healthy eating and lifestyle for 2011. Mark Bittman's segment on the today show last week featuring his top 3 life changing recipes was one of the most inspirational I've seen. Learning how to cook is essential in changing around your eating habits and your health, he says. Bittman provided three delicious recipes to get started on this program.

When you use real ingredients, you know what's going into your food, the amount of fat, the amount of fiber. You're eating a much better diet, and you're saving money.

His Broccoli Stir-Fry with Chicken and Mushrooms recipe places vegetables at the forefront of the dish, sharing a half pound of chicken between four servings. You don't need a wok or any fancy equipment, all you need is a skillet. It's a cost-conscious, healthy way to get started with your New Year's resolutions.

Choose these recipes to establish healthy eating habits, he says. Don't go on a diet, choose a way to eat, by cooking, and cook simply.

I love his chopped salad that showcases a rainbow of vegetables. Add leftovers to it, he suggests. Utilizing second-day cooking is a great way to eat green, and to save money.

He stresses the flexibility of the contents, letting you achieve a healthy meal that will change how you eat.

His lentils and rice recipe is based on the classic combination of beans and rice. You can mix it up with any legumes and any kinds of rice. His flexible suggestions make it easy to adapt for a busy lifestyle.

Check out The Today's Show's website for the video as well as his three life-changing recipes.