Top 10 Coffee Spots Near Subway Stops

Drink Day with Elizabetta Tekeste

There are only a few days remaining in 2010 and "best of" lists of nearly everything you can imagine are in abundance. Since we've learned so much about coffee & tea this past year, I've compiled a list for "Top 10 Coffee Spots Near Subway Stops". A request and suggestion by my boyfriend who's fascination with coffee and tea began a few short months ago.

My list includes only some of my favorite coffee spots (in alphabetical order). I've tried to keep the spots within 3 blocks of a subway station. 'Near', after all, is a relative term (wink). Let's go coffee hopping!

1) Abraco: 86 East Seventh Street, New York, NY Sweet Eats: Their coffee is sweet enough on it's own but add their olive oil cake and pistachio cookie and you're in heaven.

Nearest Station: Astor Place 4 & 6 trains.

2) Bluebird Coffee Shop: 72 East First Street, New York, NY Sweet Eats: Aromatic coffee and soda bread, need I say more?

Nearest Station: Second Avenue F train.

3) Breukelen Coffee House: 764A Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Sweet Eats: The banana bread is the best around. Don't leave without trying their cortado.

Nearest Station: Franklin Avenue 2,3,4 & 5 trains.

4) Gimme Coffee: 495 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY Sweet Eats: Their cappuccino is silky and delicious.

Nearest Station: Metropolitan Avenue L train.

5) Joe The Art of Coffee: 141 Waverly Place, New York, NY Sweet Eats: They steam milk like nobodies business creating beautiful latte art along the way. Did I mention it tastes good?

Nearest Station: Christopher Street 1 train. Nearest Station: W 4th Street A,B,C,D,E,F & V trains.

6) La Colombe: 270 Lafayette St, New York, NY Sweet Eats: Iced Americano, strong and well rounded.

Nearest Station: Broadway Lafayette B,D,F & M trains. Nearest Station: Prince Street N & R trains.

7) 9th Street Espresso:  75 Ninth Avenue (Chelsea Market) New York, NY Sweet Eats: The espresso is so good it's in their name.

Nearest Station: W 14th Street (Eighth Avenue) A,C,E & L trains

8) Ost Cafe: 441 E 12th Street, New York, NY Sweet Eats: Their almond horns and apple strudel are the perfect afternoon treat, simply add espresso.

Nearest Station: E 14th Street (First Avenue) L train.

9) Red Rooster Harlem: 106 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY Sweet Eats: Coffee so sweet and smooth, milk and sugar not required.

Nearest Station: W 125th Street 2 & 3 trains.

10) Third Rail Coffee: 240 Sullivan Street, New York, NY Sweet Eats: A bright cup of coffee. Layered and well balanced.

Nearest Station: W 4th Street Station, A,C & E trains.

Until next year...breathe well and be well.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

*Image credits: 9th Street Espresso and Brand 66