There's a long-standing debate about the use of tongs in the professional restaurant kitchen.  One chef, Greg Malouf, chef and owner of Olive in Hong Kong and Momo in Melbourne, Australia, has banned the kitchen tool in his kitchens. In his opinion tongs are a subpar substitution for a spatula or two-pronged fork.  Malouf calls tongs, "a lazy way of cooking" and claims that when "people use tongs, they lose that connection between the food and yourself."  New York-based chef David Chang agrees on the subject.   One should use tongs if "you cooked at T.G.I.Friday's," according to Chang.

Many bloggers were taken aback by the pronouncements, wondering if they had been bruising food for years.  However, the question of tongs should not discourage any homecook.  I am interested to read about how other chefs feel on the tongs debate, but whatever gets people into the kitchen is worthy.

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