Today's Gadget Of The Day? A Radiation Detector

As fears increase about radiation levels in fish from Japan, restaurants have taken the responsibility of monitoring incoming seafood into their own hands. In today's New York Times, a photo shows a pile of fish being monitored by a black device. This is a radiation detector, which chefs are using to check fish supplies for radiation contamination. Though Japanese health officials claim radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster is unlikely to enter the food supply, caution is of the essence to chefs. The jury is out as far as potential contamination, but I think keeping a close eye on the fish makes safe. My colleague and friend Eric Ripert has already purchased a radiation detector. In the article he says his staff at Le Bernadin is using a radiation detector to screen all food entering the restaurant, regardless of origin. For Ripert, safety is essential.

I'm interested to see how this new gadget becomes a staple in restaurant kitchens. Read more about potential radiation in fish here.