Tips on Sticking to Your 2012 Bucket List

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

The ball drops, the clock strikes 12 and another year rolls around. This is the time to write in our agendas, on a napkin or on the wall our New Year resolutions for the upcoming year. Some of us will complete our 2012-bucket list, while others find it difficult to fit in that weekly yoga class because of hectic schedules. Here are some simple and very effective tips to assist you in crossing off everything on your 2012-bucket list. So go on, grab a pen, some pretty paper and get writing.

Create simple solutions: We all think, feel and learn differently and thus when creating your New Year's resolutions this year make sure they fit in with your lifestyle. If climbing Mount Everest is something way out of reach for you to accomplish in a year, make that a lifetime goal. When developing your solutions make them stick. So take to paper and think of a few small goals, a couple medium ones and one large one. By plotting out your goals in increments they will certainly be way easier to achieve.

Showcase your successes: People continually say they want to do more good in a year, be healthier in 2012, cook more delicious meals using intricate recipes, and spend more time with family. But none of these goals seem effective to us if they aren't displayed or talked about. So find a spot in your home and put up a sticker, stamp or paint up when you accomplished your goals. This is not only a great conversation piece at your next dinner party, but a way to feel self-fulfilled and accomplished in 2012.

Be positive and get SMART about your 2012 Bucket List: Getting SMART about your resolutions this year is all about creating goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based. Ani, from The Times of India developed this concept and believes by being positive and following this SMART guide, your resolutions will come true. By setting time lines and being realistic all the while being positive, your goals will be met in no time at all.

Don't give up: We all have these grand ideas at the beginning of the year, but then within a week they seem to be left by the wayside. This year is going to be different, following along with Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project', by sticking to your goals they will be accomplished. Never get down on yourself, and always look to all the happiness in the world and in your life to find all the strength and courage you need to accomplish your goals.

Heck, by the time this year is up, Mount Everest will seem like a small goal. So dream big and accomplish everything you want to this year. Happy 2012! This year is about finding yourself, and crossing off all those perfectly planned out resolutions.

What are some of your New Year's Resolutions?

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Melaina is from a small town in Ontario, Canada and as an avid environmentalist with a passion for focusing on healthy living. Having traveled the world and written about it every step of the way, she one day hopes to develop unique environmental educational programs for kids. 

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