This Weekend's Big Game and the Age of the Sandwich

Americans have been scarfing down sandwiches during Football games for decades -- Italian beef, subs, BLTs. Watch out though, there's a new kid in town: the gourmet sandwich. This trend doesn't mean that the classics are out. On the contrary, in fact, some chefs are gussying up old favorites besides creating new bread-enclosed fads. Imagine BLTs with cheese and fried egg, or grilled cheese with prosciutto and marmalade.

The big game this weekend is a perfect time to take these experts' cues to score a touchdown with your friends and family!

Chefs across the country, such as Rick Bayless of Chicago, are opening up sandwich shops as counterparts to well-known upscale restaurants. Others, like Loretta Keller of San Francisco, are just adding sandwich creations to their haute-cuisine menus.

These food gurus suggest that you use some of their ideas and even give tips on how to improvise a delectable sandwich of your own. To help you out, they have even given you some recipes just in time for you to enjoy while watching the Steelers agains the Packers this Sunday!

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