This Week in Food: Worthy Food Causes, Part II

As a continuation from yesterday, we're featuring other organizations and causes that may entice you to join in and fight for food justice. Here are other worthy food causes that came to our attention:

At President Obama's town hall in Atkinson, Illinois, a local farmer raised a concern about the rules and regulations that are supposedly being put into effect that may negatively affect farming. President Obama advised the farmer to contact the USDA to get some more information on the subject, but there seemed to be no real response to the whole debacle.

The famine in East Africa continues to take the lives of many children. I, along with Chefs John Besh, Andrew Zimmern, Aaron Sanchez, Michael Voltaggio and Beau MacMillan along with food websites Foodspotting and Food+Tech Connect joined a Food Republic's Twitter Chat last Thursday on the cause. The topic, "Food and Social Media: What are our responsibilities?" raised awareness of the famine while an online auction raised money for UNICEF to aid those affected by the famine.

At the University of North Texas, the first ever vegan cafeteria is opening its doors next week. For all those deciding which university to attend next year, you may want to consider applying to The University of North Texas to take in a little vegan living.

The "30 Project" is a way to change the food system to become a little smarter and a whole lot healthier. With '1 billion hungry and 1 billion overweight' this initiative will help to bring awareness and address issues of agricultural issues, hunger and obesity found throughout the world. Diners around the world are trying to raise awareness of The "30 Project" in San Francisco.

McDonald's has created a Listening Tour to guide parents on healthy eating, developing community programs to learn about nutrition and active lifestyles, train employees and enhance mobile apps to access nutrition information. Needless to say McDonald's is working towards creating a supposed 'healthier America'.

As the new school year is approaching parents throughout America are ensuring their children have their perfect first day of school outfit, a bag full of books, and most notably an Epi-Pen just in case their son or daughter has to face the daunting reality that they accidently eat something they aren't supposed to. These days children are becoming more and more allergic to a whole slew of foods so if you are one of those concerned parents, there are simple steps to take to ensure your child has a safe, allergy-outburst-free school year.

Students in New Jersey are making a difference in the world. Christopher David Lucas and Peter William Yzquierdo from Troop 438 were acknowledged with medals and certificates at a Lodi council meeting on August 16th to commemorate their work to help the hungry at local food pantries in New Jersey. Both Christopher and Peter have achieved Eagle Scout status and couldn't be happier.

Photo: sburke2478

What are other food causes that you're currently following?