The Way You Put Food Away Can Have A Big Impact

Second-Day Meal Of Leftovers by Marcus Samuelsson

If you've made a delicious Lamb Stew or Chicken Curry, you're likely to have leftovers.  But how can you make sure to eat them before they spoil? When packaging leftovers, either when cooking for the week or simply after a single meal, the way you put food away can have a big impact. Try putting your leftovers away in smaller containers!

That's right, small containers, big impact.

When you put your food in small containers, it changes the way you look at it. It's easy to grab, a prepacked lunch or snack. Furthermore, it looks more approachable and inviting, never too large or intimidating.

Perhaps most importantly, putting your leftovers in smaller containers helps you manage your portion sizes so that you get the food you need without eating too much, helping you maintain nutritional intake and weight.

Let your leftovers become a blessing, not a burden by letting smaller packages manage your routine!