The Simpsons Visit "Little Ethiopia"

Here at, we love when we see Ethiopian culture injected into pop culture. So we thought it fitting to show you a clip of a recent episode from The Simpsons, where Marge, Bart, and Lisa visit "Little Ethiopia" in Springfield. Not only does the clip highlight the great tasting Ethiopian food, but it also mentions aspects of the "foodie" world. The episode was accurate in finding traditional Ethiopian music and also highlighted the custom of 'gursha' where Ethiopians lovingly offer food to one another. The "pancake" that is mentioned in the episode is the staple bread in Ethiopia called Injera. Most importantly, this clip shows how the younger generation is sometimes now more open to trying other ethnic foods and customs which can slowly help break down stereotypes and cultural divides. If anything, we think it's a funny clip to start off your weekend! Happy Friday everyone!

Photo: Cindy Funk

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