The Seattle Mariners Are Converting All The Trash Into An Environmentally Friendly Product

By Jason Bell

Ballpark giveaways inspire rabid fans to show up hours before game time to wait in line-after all, that bobblehead doll just might be worth thousands on eBay. But the Seattle Mariners have a new giveaway planned: compost.

Over the course of the season, the Mariners plan to take "food waste, packaging material, drink cups, utensils, and other trash generated at games" and compost it. Then, they'll package their homemade compost in little bags and give it away instead of a bobblehead.

Six pro-sports teams in the Northwest created the Green Sports Alliance, a nonprofit organization that intends to reduce the environmental footprint of sports. As part of the Alliance, the Mariners and five other teams will make a concerted effort to promote a "culture of conservation."

From discarded hot dog buns to beer cups, baseball games produce a lot of food waste. Now, the Mariners will convert all that trash into an environmentally friendly product for fans to use at home. Read more about the compost give-away here and here Interested in making your own compost? Or, already make your own? Tell us your tips below.