The Royal Wedding Cake

The Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton

When Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot, their guests will feast on a lavish spread fashioned by the Buckingham Palace kitchen. From canapes and champagne to a beautiful cake, the Royal Wedding will show-off the best of British food. Although the Royal Chef Mark Flanagan refuses to reveal the menu, speculation and excitement are mounting.

Instead of just one cake, the wedding will have two. The future princess picked a fruitcake (traditional in Britain). Famous baker Fiona Cairns will make the cake and decorate it in a "British floral theme." In contrast, Prince William requested McVitie's, a British cookie company, to create a chocolate-cookie cake based on a family recipe.

Meanwhile, the Buckingham Palace kitchens are heating up in preparation for the big day. The kitchen serves food each year to around 50,000 guests, but these special occasions come under special scrutiny. 600 guests will attend the wedding reception in the Palace staterooms. There, the wedding cake will be on display. The staff has been planning for about 6 months. Click here to watch a video about all the preparations.

If you're craving a cake fit for a royal celebration, try this upside-down pear chocolate cake. It might not be Prince William's favorite-but if he tried it, he'd definitely fall in love.