The Pink Pony


Dusting off gloves and scraping off spikes, professional baseball players take to the field for spring training hungry for a winning season. After long practices, players build up a big appetite and seek out hearty meals fit for an athlete. In Arizona, the Pink Pony was the center of spring training eats, at least until it closed 1 1/2 years ago. Now, it's reopening to serve fans and players alike.

Once upon a time, the Pink Pony hosted greats like Dizzy Dean, Mickey Mantle, and Willie Mays. Before closing in August 2009, the Pink Pony had 60 years under its built-the entire building is filled with baseball memorabilia, from a San Francisco Giants flag to rare photos. When it closed, long time patrons felt concerned that the place might have lost some history. Fortunately, even under new ownership, the ambiance and food remain the same.

A steakhouse, the Pink Pony is well-known in Scottsdale for chicken pot pie and meatloaf. Classic American comfort food for the national pastime. Now, however, a grilled asparagus and hearts of palm salad graces the menu, revealing a few changes in the culinary world over the last two years.

Whether you're interested in the game's history or just a spring training fanatic, the Pink Pony is a baseball treasure. Read more about it's revival here. If you can't make it to Arizona for a pre-season game, make this beef and brown rice chili and relax on the couch for a televised game or two.