The Perfect Storm

Cocktail Recipe

Originally, punch was likely a way for hosts to simultaneously get rid of unwanted spirits and juices and intoxicate their guests. Despite dubious origins, when mixed properly, punch can be a real treat. There are many varieties -- rum punch, gin punch, Sangria, and Glogg are some of the ones you might be familiar with.

A new bar in the East Williamsburg neighborhood of the impossibly trendy borough of Brooklyn named The Drink makes a mariner-worthy version of rum punch, aptly named after the popular film The Perfect Storm (2000). This bar is a little treasure trove of sailor's knick-knacks, from vintage globes and rowing paddles on the interior to the red portside ship's side light marking the bar outside and is definitely worth a venture.

True sailors of the Caribbean variety might even pick up on the reference, beyond the film title, to a popular drink called the Dark and Stormy made with ginger (beer) and rum, two of the punch's ingredients!

The Perfect Storm recipe compliments of The Drink

10 oz. Coruba Dark Rum 5 oz. fresh lime juice 5 oz. pinhead gunpowder tea 5 oz. fresh ginger 6 dashes Angostura bitters 5 oz. soda water (as a topper) 2 cups of ice

Fill a suitably large crystal punch bowl (or really any bowl with a diameter of about 12 inches). Add all the ingredients except the soda water and mix with a large spoon. Add the soda water and set aside ice for drinkers to add to their cups. Preferable, this should be served in small punch glasses, but low tumblers are good substitutes.

Give three cheers and one cheer more!