The New York Times, Holiday Eating, and Street Food

A couple days ago, I paid a visit to one of the City's most prestigious buildings- The New York Times Building. It was wonderful to be at such an important establishment for not only New York City but the entire nation, as we all depend on their news and reporting. I had the chance to serve lunch to the NY Times employees that day, but more importantly prior to serving food I partook of a discussion moderated by Metro Reporter Robin Finn. 

During the talk we discussed everything from Thanksgiving to my Swedish and Ethiopian roots. Robin and I discussed the importance of Thanksgiving in this country. To me that holiday shows a great example of unity in the nation since one day is set aside to give thanks and a whole country literally cooks with specific ingredients and features particular traditional dishes. It's also a feast that inspires the 2nd day and 3rd day meal which highlights the importance of being resourceful and not wasting food. As Americans, we waste about 30% of our food and just 5% of that food can eradicate hunger in the entire country. That is an astonishing statistic and its magnificent to see the New York Times give such importance to writers like Mark Bittman who are bringing light to food political issues that affect Americans every day.

One significant fact to keep in mind as we're entering the holiday season, is to remember to eat with a spirit compass. In religions with holidays that require fasting, individuals usually lose 7-8% of their body weight, while we usually gain 7-8% of our body weight during the December holidays alone. Not only does weight gain affect our health but it affects every aspect of the nation as a whole, like transportation that now deals with a heavier population. So if we approach the holiday by eating with a spiritual compass, we not only keep in mind the true meaning of the holidays but we also change our approach to consuming food.

After our insightful discussion, I headed down to the NY Times cafeteria to serve up some street food for the company's hard working employees. I served up some traditional Ethiopian dishes and other ethnic dishes like Doro Wat with Injera bread, Sambusas, Stewed Lentils, Braised Cabbage, and Tomato-Jalapeno Chutney. It was great to see the NY Times  staff enjoy my street food and I look forward to going back and visiting the building again.

Check out our photos below from the event.

Photos: Cyndi Amaya

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