The Mustard Revolution

From spicy to sweet, mustard isn't just for hot dogs anymore. Today, unique mustards from around the world are available in American supermarkets. Navigating the condiments aisle has never been more intriguing. Look for powdered mustard, a tongue-numbing blend that, when mixed with water, makes the perfect accompaniment for Chinese barbecue or German sausages. Brands like Kleinhettestedt Beer Mustard deliver intense heat and a powerfully pungent kick.

For a milder option, don't overlook America's traditional favorite, yellow mustard. Skip the mass-produced brands and buy local products like Raye's Mustard, a stone-ground mustard made in a 1903 mill. Smooth and piquant, Raye's is a great topping for hamburgers or fancier pates.

Artisan mustards sometimes come with mix-ins-the best don't compete with the mustard's natural spice, but rather boost its complexity. Moutarde Violette gets a dose must, a grape juice that's left over from winemaking. It's a brilliant purple and almost jammy, deep and sweet.

If you have some special mustard in the pantry, why not serve it with a freshly baked caraway pretzel? Or just smear it on corn beef and rye and call it a lunch.

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