The Most Natural, Organic, Sustainable & Local Way To Cook

It's winter.  It's cold.  You want to warm yourself, and eat some warm food.  What better way than with a fire-grilled steak?  A recent article in the Atlantic touts the oldest way to cook food of all: with fire. Just because your backyard or patch of fire-escape is blanketed with snow, doesn't mean that grilling is out of season.

Author Ben Eisendrath posits that to truly eat locally, sustainably and organically there is only one method of cooking that fulfills all three.  Fire encourages you to participate in the experience of cooking.  After all, fire is the oldest and most natural form of cooking we know.

But don't just run out to your backyard and build a bonfire.  Eisendrath is the president of Grillworks, which makes wood-fired grills, so he knows a thing or two about rekindling the lost art of cooking with fire.

First you have to let go of gas-powered flame.  Begin with charcoal, then work your way up to cooking with wood.  It may take an entire season of grilling to master the right level of flame and temperature, he says, but with mastery of cooking with fire, you can transform any "humble grocery cut" into a memorable meal.

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