The Malcolm Shabazz Mosque: Malcolm X's Legacy

By: Dylan Rodgers

Formerly Muhammad Mosque No. 7, the New York City Headquarters of the Nation of Islam, the Masjid Malcolm Shabazz Mosque stands as a testament to the work of Malcolm X.  Shortly after his assassination in 1965, the Lenox Casino underwent some intense renovation.  It was renamed the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque after Malcolm X's first male descendent, his grandson.

Sabbath Brown, the architect overseeing the renovation, introduced the traditional Islamic forms like arched windows and an aluminum facade at the crown.  Adding the facade was a bold move that not only draws attention to this mosque but also the growing Muslim presence in Harlem.

If you happen to be on Malcolm X Blvd. around 116 Street, you ought to check out the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque.  It represents Malcolm X's life spent in dedication to the growth and the rights of the African-American people and the Islamic Nation in Harlem, NY.