The Health Benefits of Avocados

Avocado, health

Ironically, healthy food is sometimes high in calories. For instance, avocados are very calorically dense, but are actually a good weight loss option-when eaten in moderation! Native to Mexico, the avocado is an key ingredient in party foods like guacamole, but it can be a key ingredient in your weight loss diet as well. 

Admittedly, avocados contain a surprisingly large amount of fat-30 grams in a medium-sized avocado. But avocados contain mostly monounsaturated fats, which lower "bad" cholesterol and promote weight loss. Moderation, however, is critical-a little avocado goes a long way. Avocados have a creamy, rich taste, which makes them a natural pairing with many foods, from a delicious burger to a smoothie.

For breakfast, try avocado with eggs, and for lunch, in a delicious salad. Avocados even provide ample fat for baked goods. Try using avocado in a vegan cake recipe in place of butter. Start out with whole-wheat vegan chocolate avocado cake recipe. You won't even be able to tell what's missing!

What's your favorite way to use avocado?

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