The Food Industry Matters

With Washington going back and forth about the budget deficit, a lot of financial issues come to mind, especially how we, as well as the country, spend and manage our money. We are seeing a lot of budget cuts on important aspects of the economy that we shouldn't, such as education. It saddens me to see a decline in attendance in culinary schools when there should instead be more of a push towards ways to getting more young people in school. That is why organizations like the James Beard Foundation are important since they raise money for scholarships to students to achieve their culinary educational goals. The food industry is constantly on the rise, especially now more than ever. In Manhattan alone, restaurants are the top employer, and yet it is still hard for restaurant owners to get loans from banks to help expand their businesses. How is this possible? We should be investing in businesses, like the food and restaurant industry, that help create more jobs.

Today we will feature articles relating to financial issues affecting the food industry like the rising cost of food and food economics in general. When we think about the basic necessities of life; food, water, and shelter come to mind, so the topic of food should always be in the forefront of discussion. Slowly but surely, food and the food industry is coming to limelight once again.

How have high food prices affected you?