The Exciting Flavors Of Brooklyn Soda Works

Brooklyn is one of America's hubs of creativity in the artisan food industry.  In the pickle-packed and homemade granola-scented borough, yet another unique and fascinating food project has started up - Brooklyn Soda Works.  Antonio Ramos, a pharmaceutical chemist, and his partner, Caroline Mak, an installation artist, started experimenting with non-alcoholic carbonated juices at home for fun. After testing it on their friends, they set up at a flea market in Fort Greene with stunning success. They were quickly approached by the chef of Blue Hill, where the are currently on the menu, and set to be sold at Danny Meyer's new restaurant at the Whitney Museum, Untitled.

Though this talented couple has hired three employees to help them manage the business, they are still a small time and locally-oriented operation. In fact, their products have a shelf life of just two weeks. This limitation, they say, is to ensure that they are able to use the best and freshest ingredients.

The exciting flavors Brooklyn Soda Works has made include maple bacon, ginger and lemon, and grapefruit jalapeno honey. These are goods that you certainly won't find anywhere else!

To read more about Ramos, Mak, and Brooklyn Soda Works, go to the full New York Times article.