The Bison Meat Comeback

Bison, once masters of America's plains, are making a comeback. In Long Island, Edwin Tuccio is trying to restore the breed to a healthy population. With the demand for bison meat on the rise and increasing attention from the food community, Tuccio's (and the bisons') prospects look good. 30 years ago, Tuccio began with 2 bison-today, his herd includes more than 300. Ted Turner actually produces the most bison meat in the United States with a herd of nearly 55,000.

A heart-friendly protein, bison meat contains comparatively less cholesterol and fat than beef. Tuccio even refuses to use steroids and hormones in his bison feed to ensure the healthiest herd possible.

Farmers like Edwin Tuccio are helping to bring back a native animal to its former strength. To learn more about American bison, watch the full video here.