The Best Muffins

Breakfast food has never been better in New York. Serious Eats NY put together a list of their favorite muffins, a collection of morning treats guaranteed to satisfy sweet teeth.

At Blue Sky Bakery in Park Slope, the muffins taste wholesome and delicious. Instead of distributing fruit throughout the pastry, Blue Sky packs all the filling into the muffin's center. In Cobble Hill, Ted and Honey prepares both decadent and healthy treats. Choose between banana dark chocolate chip and the Morning Glory, a combination of carrots, apples, zucchini, bran, and raisins.

For more adventuresome muffins, stop by Peels for a rosemary, buckwheat, and preserved lemon muffin. Locanda Verde serves a more upscale take on the muffin, with flavors like lemon-fennel and blueberry-polenta.

But if you're looking for greasy, sweet indulgence, check out Little Miss Muffin 'n Her Stuffin. Oversized and infinitely satisfying, the caramelized crust gives way to soft cake.

Sometimes, breakfast calls for a savory pastry. Try baking these pumpkin cheddar muffins for a change of pace. Read the rest of the Serious Eats list here.