The Best Cheap Sandwiches in New York

By Jason Bell

Sandwiches are the perfect budget lunch, except when fancy toppings and artisan breads drive the price too high. Luckily, there are still cheap and delicious sandwiches in New York City appropriate for weekday dining.

In Morningside Heights, Taqueria Y Fonda serves serious Mexican food to students, professors, and neighborhood residents. Tortas come on a soft, slightly sweet roll made from bolillo bread. For around $6, the sandwich comes with refried beans, tomatoes, avocado, onions, jalapea±os, lettuce, cheese, and a meat. Try a combination of carne asada and egg, a great pick-me-up for brunch or long afternoons.

A slightly greasier option, the fried pimento cheese sandwich at Hill Country Chicken throws light lunch out the window. Sharp cheese meets white bread in a fried package. This comfort food sandwich helps take the edge off of stressful days.

If you're a pork-lover, seek out the ham sandwich at La Taza de Oro. Stuffed into a roll, the roasted and chopped pork bits make strike a balance between flavorful fat and dense meat.

For a longer list of cheap sandwiches in New York City, click here. If you have a little bit more dough to drop, check out Resto's tete de cochon sandwich.