The Awesome Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate often gets a bad rep for being unhealthy. However, dark chocolate is a go! It has some good health benefits for both your body and your mind. 

* Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants (the same that can be found in green tea) that reduce cellular and arterial damage. Pair a square of dark chocolate with a bowl of fresh fruit for a healthful and tasty treat.

* Dark chocolate doesn't contain ingredients like butter fat and saturated fat, which can be found in other chocolates like milk chocolate.

* Lastly, dark chocolate can boost brain levels of serotonin. When you're feeling down and craving something sweet to pick you up, reach for a piece of dark chocolate. It could help you feel better!

For a party or a fun office treat, try making one of these great dark-chocolate filled desserts!

* Upside-Down Pear Chocolate Cake Recipe * Chocolate Whiskey Cake Recipe