The 5 Best Burgers In New York City

It's Friday at last, and you might be in need of some weekend eating plans. Look no further than our list of the 5 Best Burgers in New York City. NYC is burger heaven, home to both super-traditional and avant-garde patties. From cheap and gritty to definitively upscale, the New York burger scene offers something for every taste. Here are five excellent options:

1. Ruby's Cafe: Founded in 2003, this Australian restaurant serves an eclectic menu. Even though it's on Mulberry Street, skip the pasta and go straight to the burgers. Ruby's most expensive burger is also the most unusual-the Whaleys features beet, pineapple, fried egg, and ketchup over premium ground beef. This Australian style burger gives a little taste of the land down under in Nolita.

2. Minetta Tavern: The original Minetta Tavern opened in 1937. Today, the "Black Label Burger" is one of New York's most iconic dishes. Made from dry-aged beef, the $26 masterpiece delivers an unmistakable funk. For a slightly less expensive but no less delicious alternative, try the Minetta Burger, which comes with cheddar cheese and onions.

3. Joy Burger Bar: Located on the northern edge of the Upper East Side, Joy Burger Bar serves old-fashioned patties-just thick enough to stay juicy, thin enough to get a good caramelized crust. With an expansive list of free sauces, including garlic mayo, chimichuri, pesto, and spicy mango chutney, every trip is an adventure. The strawberry shakes are also delicious on a muggy, late spring day.

4. Burger Joint: Tucked away behind a dark curtain at Le Parker Meridien, a luxurious hotel in Midtown, is a closely kept secret. Discretely hidden, Burger Joint offers traditional burgers-think lettuce, tomato, pickle-in a traditional fast food setting. (Except that just outside the door are some of Manhattan's fanciest lodgings.)

5. The Breslin: Come prepared for a wait, because April Bloomfield's restaurants tend to draw hungry crowds. The Breslin's lamb burger, however, is worth that extra time in line. Fatty, salty, and covered in feta and cumin mayo, this burger is bad for the waistline and good for the soul.

If you feel like a homemade burger, check out this video about basic burgers.