Thanksgiving Tips

This article from Serious Eats gives Harold McGee's top ten tips for this Thanksgiving. I like how he streamlines several issues that arrive on this big holiday and makes it easy for home cooks to avoid potential problems. With Thanksgiving, there is often a barrage of information because of the holiday's food-centric nature. One tip is particularly interesting and original: he suggests "[using] a mister to make your pie crust." He points out that when making pie crust, liquid can pool in one area, making parts of the crust tender, and other parts flaky. If you use a spray bottle, an inexpensive tool you can purchase at the grocery store or pharmacy, the liquid distributes evenly, giving you an impressive pie crust.

His tips to get a thermometer and check the temperature early and often are essential. Tips to separate the light from the dark, the merits and demerits of brining, and tips if you do decide to brine are great for those who are trying something new or tweaking a family recipe.

Read the full list of tips here.