Thank You For Joining Food Republic's Twitter Chat

Today was a great day for Food Republic as it hosted its first live Twitter Chat with me and a few others: Chefs John Besh, Andrew Zimmern, Aaron Sanchez, Michael Voltaggio, and  Beau MacMillan and food websites Foodspotting and Food+Tech Connect. The topic of the Twitter chat was: "Food and Social Media: What are our responsibilities?" The discussion was meant to generate ideas, raise awareness, and spur social action to help alleviate the famine crisis in the Horn of Africa. It was a great conversation that raised a lot of important social media issues.

I want to thank all my friends that joined me for their concern about this important issue to me as well as for their support towards Food Republic. It's food industry professionals like you that help create such a vibrant food community and make me proud to be a part of this industry. My sincere thanks!

Don't forget that our online auction is still going on where you can bid on donations from all the chefs, with proceeds going to the UNICEF relief efforts to victims of the East African drought. Click here to bid on our items.

For those of you who couldn't join us, here are some of the questions and highlights from the conversation:

Q.2 What do you feel are your responsibilities to your communities if any?

From Chef Michael Voltaggio on benefiting causes: Part I, Part II

From Chef John Besh on being stewards of the community.

Q.3 What made you interested in joining this conversation?

From Chef Andrew Zimmern on hunger issues.

Q.4 Has the famine in Africa affected you? How?

From Chef Aaron Sanchez on Hurricane Katrina in NOLA, Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

From Chef Andrew Zimmern on coming close to home.

From Chef Beau MacMillan on being a parent.

Q.5 How do you feel social media has changed the food world?

From Danielle Gould on accountability.

Stay tuned for more updates on East Africa and Food Republic.