Thai Food

I love reading about different foods from around the world.  Peranakan food is a cuisine with which I don't have a lot of experience, but after reading an article describing the specialities at Singapore's True Blue Cuisine restaurant, I'm looking forward to trying dishes like ayam buah keluak, or chicken stewed with black nuts. Peranakans are the descendants of early Chinese migrants to Malaysia.  The food is also known as "nyonya" food, after the name given to Peranakan women.

True Blue Cuisine's chef and owner Benjamin Seck draws on his own mother's food for his dishes.  The buah keluak, or black nut, is made through an extensive process, resulting in a bitter, buttery, chocolate-like dish.  After harvesting the fruits spend 100 days buried underground.  The large seeds are then removed, braised, rinsed, and the flesh within in served.

Other dishes in Peranakan cuisine include a cake made with rempah.  Chef Peck calls this the "backbone of Peranakan cuisine."  Each chef has a different mix, but usually the ingredients include a variation on lemongrass, ginger, and chiles.  It reminds me a little of ras al-hanout in Northern Africa.

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