Texas Drought Effects Food Prices

The prices of meat and wheat are up, due to a prolonged drought in the center of the country. Changing climate conditions in the United States are contributing to the food price crisis. This year, a terrible drought has hit Texas, its worst in 44 years, devastating wheat fields and reducing the size of cattle herds. Cereal and meat prices continue to climb as demand increases but supply diminishes. The drought extends all the way up into Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. Coupled with too much rain in North Dakota and Canada, the drought has made beef and grain extremely expensive. If rain remains absent, the drought situation will deteriorate over the summer, leading to even higher prices.

Food prices are also expected to increase due to increased profitability in cotton crops. As farmers switch from planting corn and grains to cotton to make a profit, consumers will feel the strain of increased spending at the grocery store.

When food prices increase, it can cause a serious dent in your wallet. Instead of watching your bank account decrease, cook a vegetarian meal with whole grains. Pairing vegetables with brown rice, or quinoa.

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