Ten Tables

Weekly Dish Recommendation By Julia Burgi

Ten Tables in Cambridge, Massachusetts seeks to be more than a restaurant and bar - it is part of the neighborhood in community. From the service to the locally-oriented menu, this is successfully achieved.

There are tasting menus, an extensive wine list, creative cocktails, and a great selection of foods that draw from the diverse American heritage. One of the standout menu items is their pasta with a cream sauce. The pasta at Ten Tables is house-made and you can definitely tell; the care put into it is makes for delicious, silky strands of pasta. The cream sauce is laden with mushrooms and squash, making it rich and flavorful. This dish is a satisfying option for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Leave some room for the desserts. The house-made ice cream is another highlight with exotic flavors such as basil, and goes well with the accompaniment of a salty chocolate terrine.

Ten Tables is located at 5 Craigie Circle in Cambridge, Massachusetts near Boston.