TastingTable.com Unveils New Tastemaking Headquarters

I'm really excited to hear about TastingTable's announcement that they have launched a Test Kitchen & Dining Room in their New York City offices. TastingTable is a free epicurean email publication that sends out daily messages to subscribers covering a bunch of culinary topics including dining, wine, cocktails, chefs, and food travel. To expand their work they have opened a beautiful test kitchen and outfitted it with all the essential cookware to allow their chefs to test recipes and offer even more in-depth advice in their emails. This will enable TastingTable to branch into original recipe and menu development, web video and photo production, tastings, dinner parties, master classes and more,

What TastingTable has been doing so far is really great. Offering free emails to subscribers everywhere on all sorts of food topics is a great way to get people more interested and engaged with food and cooking. Now that they have this awesome test kitchen, it will be really cool to see what kind of content they add to their emails. Hopefully they will be able to put their new kitchen to good use and offer some really awesome tips and ideas in their daily emails.