Sustainable Food Bookshelf: Fair-Food by Dr. Oran Hesterman

To view Fair Food: Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System for All by Dr. Oran Hesterman as simply another book about food is a profound understatement. Not only does it provide a comprehensive analysis of our current food system and its shortcomings, but Fair Food also provides advice and solutions to these problems that can be implemented on individual and national levels. As a guidebook of sorts for the environmentally and socially conscious public, Fair Food aims to change our now defunct food system by educating this community and urging them to change their own lifestyle as well as advocating for greater change in the national arena too. Going further than simply telling us to "eat organic", Fair Food shows us how we can change not only what we eat, but also how its grown, packaged and sold. Additionally, it offers a useful guide for everyday people who want to create change, whether it be in their own kitchen or within their own government, but who do not know where to start. Fair Food also includes real-life models of sustainability, from farmers, to businesses to ordinary consumers, that provides inspiration and a jumping off point for the growing community of advocates. Fair Food presents an accessible blueprint for sustainable living and invites even the least eco-curious person to join this food revolution.

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