Summer Shandy, Great Beer Cocktail

Sip the cool air away and usher in the warm breeze with a beer cocktail! Photo by KittyKaht


Beer, man's first alcoholic beverage and an ancient staple, can definitely stand in its own in the current age of micro-breweries. While there are many who feel that a solid beer should not be tampered with, there are delicious ways to augment your beer experience and shake up the routine.

College drinking traditions generally have the media monopoly in this realm. There are also great beer cocktails out there that are not meant to be chugged. though. A great way to add some zest to a nice spring day is with a shandy!

A shandy is a beer cocktail with a non-alcoholic mixer. They are great for pre-dinner sipping or patio parties alike.

Summer Shandy


Pale ale, such as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Bass Ale, or Young's Bitter Ginger beer or lemonade

Fill a chilled beer glass two thirds of the way with the pale ale. Top the rest off slowly with either ginger beer or lemonade.