Street Food: Paris

Become a fan of Street Food here. On some days the perfect Paris meal is not raclette and steak au poivre in a fancy restaurant, but just a hunk of bread, a lump of cheese and a box of berries. I buy my fixings at one of the many open green markets and settle down on a bench with a book and my food. For dinner, I take these home with a half bottle of earthy red wine or acid-forward white wine.

Sure, crepes are the most well-known street food of Paris, but after trying the ham and cheese, Nutella and Grand Marnier versions, I want to explore more foods. So, from the many creperies, I go to the lively, diverse Place Monge Farmer's Market and further down to rue Mouffetard. Here, I put together my meal of three components. But the variety of bread, cheese and fruit available in this little square is so massive , I can think of hundreds of combinations. Will it be a Lebanese flatbread, mimmolette cheese and stuffed olives day, or am I more in the mood for a croissant to mop up a runny brie punctuated by tart cherries?

Almost everyone shopping at the market is nibbling on produce. Cheesemongers are selling little bags of cubed cheese for babies in strollers. Paris street market scenes are appetizing enough to make anyone hungry.  They floor you with their charm with their cobblestones, exquisite fragrances, and the French hum all around,. Visit a vendor more than once, and you make a friend.

Part of the fun about a eating on the streets of Paris street is the window shopping, the opportunities to taste dozens of kind of cheese before you pick one, to pluck a grape off a bunch, before you buy the whole lot. However, I always seem to buy more than I intend to eat. I like best to visit Paris markets with friends who let me pick out the food for the group, and eat family-style, because then everyone gets to taste a whole lot more of everything.

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