Street Food Menu At Pop-Up Cafe Is A Success

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

With the plethora of people who came from around New York just to get a taste of Marcus Samuelsson's delicious creations to those who stumbled upon this genius of an idea, the opening night for Global Street Food Pop-up was truly a success. The banners were up, the tables' set, waiters ready to assist you and chefs awaiting for all to experience a taste of unique creations of international cuisine, this is what the Global Street Food Pop-Up Cafe in Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center was all about.

With a plethora of food for the all the senses and two fashion shows to delight those who are eager to add some new pieces to their wardrobe the event was a perfect combination of those looking for a night to unwind with a sense of fashion in mind. For those who have not been to Red Rooster up in Harlem, it's not everyday someone can test-taste Marcus Samuelsson's food, but last Thursday night that was the talk of all who ventured here. Karen was lucky to be here as "she's been wanting to go to the restaurant, but she hasn't been yet. I've tried 4 or 5 times to get in, but no luck." After reading in the New York Times at the Global Food Pop-Up Shop was hosting Marcus Samuelsson she was one of the many people who came as soon as the shop opened. Her favorite dish of the night was the Doro Wat.

Ramona Sunderwink surely was happy to see the pop-up cafe here. She "loves (Marcus') food and thinks it's great to do the pop-up cafe in a centralized location." Living in Harlem for the past 25 years, she is no question delighted that the Red Rooster has joined the likes of the restaurants there as it brings a "perfect diverse vibe to Harlem." David Leventhal and Eva Nichols were also so happy the event had occurred in the Alice Tully Hall. They loved the taste of the dishes that picked out and wish the pop-up cafe could stay a whole lot longer than a week as they frequent the Alice Tully Hall.

With the Global Food Pop-up Cafe kick-off night a true success it is no wonder why all want this pop-up to stay longer. Global Street Food Cafe will be in Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center till September 15th, so if you weren't one of the lucky ones who were able to check it out on Thursday night, you still have time to dive into the delicious international cuisines being featured. Be sure to try the doro wat or mud pie, they are true favorites amongst the many guests.

Photos: Cyndi Amaya