Street Food Introduction

One of my passions is street food, where you get an authentic taste of a culture.  I'm excited to bring to you a new column about street food around the world.  Similar to our Street Food restaurants in Sweden, where we have food from countries all over the world, I will be writing weekly about global Street Food. For more information go to Street Food's Facebook Page and become a fan!

Check back on Wednesday's for a new installment that will tantalize your tastebuds.  Read my first article here.

Some of the most satisfying meals I have had around the world were not in restaurants or homes. I ate them standing on the street watching a vendor tossing together fresh ingredients, exactly to my taste. I've had squid grilled on a stick in Thailand; fresh grilled banh-mi with shredded pork, cucumber, and mango in Vietnam; and spicy, crunchy pani puri in India.

Street food is most commonly associated with Asia, but every country around the world has some food to which its rushed commuters, hungry students & harried shoppers turn. From mayo-drenched fries in Belgium to beefy anticuchos in Peru, street food often gives insight into the food history & culture of a place. These carts, stalls, and trucks reflect the neighborhood's lifestyle, history, culture, and comfort.

Wherever I travel, I get out and walk and try what the locals are turning to for fun and flavor on the streets. To find the best street food, follow the crowds, if there is a line, it is worth braving. Ask questions. Don't be afraid. Follow flavor, for it comes first.

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