Street Food Focus: Healthy and Juicy Burgers

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

If everyday you crave a sweet, juicy burger then stop looking towards fast food joints and head out to the streets of New York City to dive into a mouthwatering burger. Not only are the burgers cheap but also are made fresh to order, some even deeming themselves as farm fresh burgers. Its comforting to know that when you bite into one of these burgers you no there is no by-product in there, it is all delicious meat cooked to order. As healthy eating is the new craze around the world, the farm fresh burger street food stands are taking New York City by storm.

If you are more inclined to want a turkey or chicken burger instead of a grade-A, farm-fresh meat burger then don't worry, several pop-up shops offer just that.

So if you do want to venture off to a fast food joint or don't have a kitchen big enough or the time to master up your own burger then head off to one of these pop-up burger shops where you can dive into a juicy one with all the toppings. Street food burgers are certainly the new, healthier option to "fast food," and we've included a list of just where to find some to fit your street food fancy.

Carnegie John's: The process here is all about sealing in the juiciness of a burger. At Carnegie John's burgers are cooked in three steps, from the griddle, to the grill and back again the flavors are exuberant and the burgers are delicious.

Katchkie Truck: The Katchkie Truck is all about getting their inspiration from Katchkie Farm, their organic farm where all their delicious burgers come from. The menu is all about healthy eating with a farm fresh or veggie burger, a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, or add some delightful sides. Catch the truck during lunch in the City.

Jennie-O Turkey Burger Truck: Jennie-O Turkey and The Bistro Truck teamed up to serve hundreds of free turkey burgers to those who wanted to break free from the traditional burger. Today you can find the Bistro Truck near Union Square and around the City. Get the grass fed lamb burger; it is certainly a delicious, healthy twist to the traditional burger.

La Cense Beef Burger Truck: Voted "Top 25 Food Trucks" by New York Magazine this burger joint offers 100% all natural grass fed steak burgers that are to die for. With a menu that expands there love for healthy burgers its up to you which burger you will be feasting on today.


Photos: cscan and Wiedz