Strategies for vegetarians who want to eat well when travelling

By Marcus Samuelsson

Whether it's enhancing your meals with spices or cooking healthier meals by eating meat-free, my recent columns about eating vegetarian have touched on eating at home.  But what do you do while travelling?  In many foreign countries, meat is a staple of the diet, and it could be difficult to find adequate nutrition.

While traveling on a vegetarian diet still poses unique challenges, it is an easier task "today than at any previous time," according to David Grossman's article "Vegetarians, vegans face special challenges while traveling." Finding acceptable options for restricted dining can be difficult, but growing awareness in the travel and tourism industries is helping vegetarians and vegans.

With limited food options for vegetarians and even more constrained choices for vegans, traveling to unfamiliar locales forces these diners to seek out appropriate meals. But Grossman offers a few helpful tips. If a hotel has a refrigerator, stock up on "juice, soy milk, and fruit." Hotels that offer suites with kitchens are even better. Try ordering before restaurants with reliable vegetarian or vegan choices close and room service switches to late-night menus.

As more restaurants and hotels post their menus online, and as Internet resources listing veggie alternatives increase, traveling on a restricted diet has become substantially simpler. Read the full article here.