Steaming Bowl Of Sookk's Sidewalk Noodles

Weekly Dish Recommendation By Jason Bell

When wintery weather is a drag, I like to cheer myself up with a steaming bowl of Sookk's sidewalk noodles. Instead of ordering it in either a Thai cinnamon or house special brown sauce, ask for the soup version. Rice noodles and thick hunks of braised beef come swimming in a wonderfully fragrant broth.

Flavored with star anise and scallions, the broth also includes bok choy and bean sprouts. The sweet beef tastes especially great doused in that fragrant broth. After slurping down more noodles than my stomach can hold and drinking every drop of that delicious soup, I feel fortified enough to head out into the snow.

Although scooping up the slippery noodles with chopsticks is a challenge, Sookk's sidewalk beef noodles are worth the effort. Only the most intense snow and ice can keep me from satisfying a sidewalk noodle craving.

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